Welcome to the iTablet Homepage.

iTablet is an application launcher designed for the Maemo platform.
This program mimics the iPhone and iPod Touch interfaces
in and attempt to make the Internet Tablet devices more appealing
and usable by the end-user. This application is currently in
it's alpha stage, which is not intended for end-consumers. If you
wish to test iTablet, please download it here:

iTablet Version 0.07 Alpha
iTablet Version 0.08 Experimental Alpha

12/21/07 : 0.08-experimental released, check it here at the garage.

12/20/07 : Experimental version 0.087 video released.

12/20/07 : Release of version 0.07 for the public.

The goal of iTablet is to develop a finger (and, not to mention, user) friendly interface.
This is saying a lot for an app launcher ;)